Audrey Baran, E-RYT 500 is the little yogi that could. I practice more than poses. If you seek fuller embodiment, a balanced lifestyle, and real change in action... welcome.


As a dancer, I was originally drawn to yoga for its athleticism, grace, and natural rhythm. My practice began at a YMCA in Charlotte, North Carolina and quickly deepened into a full-blown obsession. A quieter mind, a kinder heart, and a stronger, supple body are what keep me addicted to the mat. Relentlessly invested in mindful movement and body-full living, I invite you to join and enjoy the journey.


I earned my 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification in Power Vinyasa Yoga from Dolly Stavros in 2008 and completed my 500-hour training at the renowned Himalayan Institute in 2013. Utilizing traditional and modern techniques, I lead a challenging and adaptable class, always keeping a light heart and a keen eye for detail. I teach what I practice and practice what I preach, cultivating an empowering and welcoming environment for all levels of yogis.


As a Three Wisdom Traditions coach from Yoga International, I utilize elements of yoga, ayurveda, and psychology to build resiliency, maintain adaptability, and regulate a balanced lifestyle. Health is more than a diet — through important daily practices and personalized culinary choices, I offer a wrap around approach to wellness through small changes, moderation, and humility. If you are interested in nourishing your body, mind, and spirit according to your contemporary needs and individual constitution, contact me!


Speaking of constitutions…

In the current political climate, it’s easy and natural to get confused, frustrated, or angry beyond all human control. But what’s a peace-loving, Buddhism dabbling, non-violent yogi to do when all she wants to do is punch the radio and run non-stop to Canada? I’ll share my discoveries as I navigate this complicated, divisive, and infuriating world in which we float these days, hopefully finding new pathways of resistance, optimism, and lasting action. I might need help.

Let’s begin.

Audrey Baran, E-RYT 500


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