Ahimsa #2

So.. I had salmon the other night. A salmon sushi roll, to be exact. And I don’t feel the least bit bad about it. (Well, no worse than normal, considering it was from Harris Teeter and probably came from a questionable, far away, and unsustainable source… but that’s a whole other discussion). I was ravagingly hungry, it was late, I was passing by the Teet and it sounded like the best idea. I had a headache all night and I felt that the most LOVING thing I could do for myself was give me what my body was craving, enjoy it, and move on. Which is exactly what I did. Like all aspects of Yoga, Ahimsa is a PRACTICE, not something to perfect. I think the “slip-ups” are what keep us in check. NOT being flawless is what allows us to reflect, to discuss, to have something to improve upon. As I often say in class, if you did everything perfect, that would be really boring. So here, I am, post Spicy Salmon Roll, and no worse for the wear. That’s basically the highlight of my past week of Ahimsa. Oh, and Valentine’s Day came and went. I hope you loved someone a little more, especially yourself!

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