Ahimsa #1

I have been conciously practicing Ahimsa for 10 days, and honestly nothing all that different. I was already a (mostly) pescetarian, so switching to vegetarianism is not a huge change. I have had dairy and eggs, which I would like to cut back on over the coming weeks, moving more towards veganism. I like to think that I am a generally non-violent person, but I have become more aware of when potentially harmful words and thoughts come up. I am always embarassed when I realize I am “gossiping” or speaking of someone, near or far, in a way that could be hurtful. I am noticing ways in which I act violently towards myself: saying YES to too much, not getting enough sleep, talking myself out of things that may be scary or challenging but ultimately uplifting. My intention over the next few weeks will be to deepen my practice of Ahimsa, conciously making decisions to act not just non-violently, but in an actively caring way – to not just “do no harm” but to actually HELP. Valentine’s Day (which, right, I don’t do) IS this weekend afterall, so in that spirit I hope to do my small part to create an living environment filled with less hurt, and more LOVE.

image: www.doyouyoga.com

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