Aparigraha #1

Being the rebel that I am (right) I have decided to switch Brahmacharya (moderation of the senses) and Aparigraha (non-hoarding) in my year of practicing the Yamas & Niyamas. The main reason being, I am preparing to depart for Roanoke, VA and Frankfurt, Germany for two months, beginning the MFA program in Dance at Hollins University. Moving is the perfect time to clean out, purge the old, and make way for the new. In this case, “old” is designated as anything I haven’t used in the past year (clothing, toiletries, kitchen stuff, et al) and will get the boot. Sure, sounds easy, but for a sentimental person (and aren’t we all?) this is a tough one. But after practicing Asteya (non-stealing) for a month by not buying anything I don’t need (uh, for the most part), non-hoarding really seems like the next logical rung on the ladder of Yamas to me. Step 1: Stop stealing. Step 2: Start giving, or give away. Makes sense, right? And this is the perfect time for me to make some room, as beginning graduate school is a HUGE step for me, and I am going to need lots of space, mentally and physically, to welcome in new information. It’s also time to downsize, to live more efficiently, as I will be traveling and my living quarters will surely be smaller. As is printed on a shirt I have made by my friend Brooke Carlson of OmMade, “Have less. Be More.” This is the very essence of Aparigraha, that our “stuff” does not make us who we are, but can, in fact, distort our true beauty and get in the way of uncovering our highest selves. What better time than the NOW to start shedding some layers, make room, and get authentic?

An ulterior reason for the switcheroo is that I will be practicing Brahmacharya by not watching television for a month. Game of Thrones just started back, so yeah, that’s not really an option. Summer is coming… I’ll get to it then.

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