Aparigrahaha #3

This week’s post on Aparigrahaha is inspired by these simple, yet powerful, words. “Close your eyes. Clear your heart. Let it go.” Not only is this meme beautiful (Is it considered a meme? Gen Y’ers, help me out!) but it is also an inspiring sentiment, and I’m sure something we can all relate to. It is one thing to clean out your closets and drawers (still working on that – more progress at least!) but when we can clean out on a deeper level, we find a more lasting and resonant satisfaction. Getting rid of old emotions (resentment, jealousy, grudges, etc.) can be a powerful, albiet painful, process. But just like that T-shirt I keep taking out of the Goodwill pile and putting back in my drawer, only to take up space, holding on to stagnant thoughts and feelings is just as pointless. No one said it’s easy to clean out (but that shirt from summer camp a decade ago that I have never worn, probalby never will, and is 2 sizes too small?!) but once you get on a roll the process can go much smoother and become even cathartic – the opposite of retail therapy. When I can’t decide whether to get rid of something or not, I hold it up, close my eyes, ask myself two things: 1. Would miss it if it got lost/damaged? 2. Would buy it today? If the answer to both is YES, I keep it – if NO, adios! I believe the same process can be applied to our emotions; close your eyes, look into your heart, and let it go if it doesn’t serve you. Again, easier said than done at times, but once you start, it’s honestly hard to stop. That newfound space and freedom from that old bullshit is positively addictive. The best part is, now you have room to get that awesome dress from Boris & Natasha you’ve been eyeing, or (maybe) even better, to welcome in new experiences/feelings/memories that WILL serve you righteously and lovingly for years to come.

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