A Goat By Any Other Name

A new year is almost upon us, and what a year this has been (insert dramatic sigh of despair)! On the cusp of the last year of the second decade of the 21st century, the internet is as relevant a space for yoga practice and philosophy as one’s own mat. With an endless list of sites and sources featuring tips for asana, pranayama, meditation, health, and sustainable living (not to mention yoga with your partner, dog, horse, beer, wine, and chicken nuggets) the world wide web can make the already complicated field of Y O G A even more overwhelming. So what’s one more blog?

Formerly Happy Goat Yoga, I decided to redesign this space for two reasons: 1) I was tired of getting emails asking if I really offer yoga with goats. (As much as I like that idea and recognize it’s reality and popularity… it’s not my thing). And 2) I realized a pressing need to clarify the intentions behind my own virtual yoga presence. What do I want to share, offer, and question, particularly in this crazy, confusing, and contradictory world? Nowadays, yoga is not just about practicing postures, but lifestyle choices, community engagement, humanitarian awareness, and political activism. I felt that my beloved HGY title just didn’t convey what’s currently important to me, so here we are. (Don’t worry goats, I still love you.)

The Little Yogi That Could is a space for sharing observations, discoveries, and inquiries as I move on and off my mat with renewed focus and determination. I believe/hope that the image of the hippie dippy yogi wearing a crown of flowers, sitting crosslegged surrounded by candles and cats, chanting words of which they have absolutely no understanding, and thinking that is enough to evoke real change — personally and globally — is obsolete. Sure, I sit in lotus. Yes, I chant. But those are small components of what I feel makes up a complete and effective yoga practice, in the larger sense. Hoping for peace and love is just not enough anymore; I’m interested in sharpening my intentions, strengthening my convictions, softening my perceptions, and sharing anything I find that works out along the way. I invite you to join me here, on your mat, or otherwise. Here we go.

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