Satya #1

Like many Sunday mornings, the other day I turned on Hulu to catch the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. Laughter and brunch make a great pairing! Early on in the show was this skit, which featured five women who decide to stop holding back and start telling the truth. Since this fateful morning was the first day of my Month of Satya (truthfulness), I found this skit not only hilarious, but also inspiring and empowering. Like many people, especially (I suspect) women, I often hold back what I want to say, and edit my words for the sake of someone else’s feelings or perception of me. Why do we feel the need to do this? Deception benefits no one, and if we all (um, I) just started getting real ALL the time, we could live, work, and play with much more ease and transparency. Sure, some truths are hard to hear, but often necessary. This is where that trick of tempering Satya with Ahimsa (non-violence) comes in. Yes, say what you mean, speak how you feel, and don’t sugar coat it – all while remembering to be a nice person too (note that I am saying this to myself). The skit was a great kickstart to my Month of Truth, and I can feel the chains and filters in my throat already dissipating. I can’t wait to see where this month takes me, in thought and speech, and I’ll let you know… believe me!


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