Satya #2

Ok, so it’s been a crazy month and I apologize for my neglect. While I am rehearsing for three shows, navigating the wild world of student loans and preparing for grad school, teaching 18 classes per week, and trying have a life (not go crazy), I promise I have been trying to stay true to my practice of truth and speaking my mind. With that said, here are some observations (rants):

  • Don’t blame. Take responsibility for your actions. You are in charge of your life, so act like it.
  • If you are not in charge of your life, change it. Someone is not going to be there to feed/clothe/love/make decisions for you forever, and if they are you are really missing out.
  • Be a good student. No matter what kind of class you are in or who is teaching, you chose to be there, so show some respect (i.e. don’t talk while the teacher is talking.)
  • Support good people and places. The cheapest and trendiest is not always the best. Groupons and such are for suckers and usually do not benefit the business and employees in the long run, but create a false sense of patronism, only to be forgotten once the next good deal comes along. You vote with your money. Put it where it deserves to go.
  • Stop sugar coating. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s much more efficient.
  • Lastly, are FOUR “Reserved for a Veteran” parking spots at Harris Teeter REALLY necessary?!? Trying to grocery shop on a Sunday afternoon is almost enough to make me want to enlist.

I think that’s all for now. This practice of speaking up or “cleansing the Vishuddha Chakra”, if you will, is pretty cathartic. I’ve noticed that I care less what people think or how they will respond, and the thoughts that normally get backed up and play bumper cars in my head have started to subside. I could CERTAINLY be better about it, and if I was really, truly 100% honest 100% of the time, things would get nasty (mostly for me). So again, I remind myself that this is PRACTICE; an exercise in learning how to live and speak more truthfully, so that once this month is over I am, if nothing else, a little more authentic, a little more real, a little more ME.


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