Satya #3

I came across this article from Yoga International and it could not have come at a better time. While focusing on truthfulnesss  in my behavior and words this month, I feel that have forgotten to also incorporate Satya in my physical practice. This is a concept I often encourage my students to embrace (“Be honest. Don’t do what is not in your realm of comfort. If it feels good do it more, if it hurts back off!”). However I find myself pushing my body beyond my healthy zone in various ways, which is a contradiction. I have also been on a rant about “improper yoga photos” – those that use inexperienced models (not yoga practitioners) to show people doing yoga and exercising, when they are clearly injuring themselves and therefore encouraging others to do the same. Upward facing dog with shoulders up and forward (yikes!), Warrior II with hips uneven and the butt sticking out (yuck), and practicing and meditating with sneakers on (what?!?) Sure, anything that gets people moving and practicing can be a good thing, but let’s be honest, we are a highly impressionable, easily influenced society who like to mimic what we see, not respond to what we hear (which is why I teach through vocal cues and not showing the postures, so students will learn to think and not just ape). But if I am a real teacher of yoga, including all its philosophy and ethic, it is my duty, my dharma, to practice what and how I preach, and not just blog about it. Thank you, once again, Yoga International!

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